“Connecting the dots that people can’t see” (Richard Hsu, Founder of TEDxShanghai) through developing professional, social and sustainable transcultural relationships, and networks of understanding between diverse creatives and cultures, specifically the UK, China and Australia.

Since November 2016, based in Melbourne (Australia). Originally from the Midlands (UK) via New York (USA) and Shanghai (China).



Founder and curator of ‘The Temporary’ (since January 2014), a new transcultural exchange platform examining “temporary” and ephemeral experience in art, architecture, design, music, sound, performance and culture between the UK, China and Australia. ‘The Temporary: 01 – Architectures of Change’ (2014) took place at ARTicle Gallery (Birmingham, UK) and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) (Manchester, UK). and ‘The Temporary: 02 – RareKind China’ (2016) took place at CFCCA and across the city of Manchester. The platform’s third project is currently in planning for 2018. Project catalogues and a new website are being designed by Design by Weather at the moment – to be launched by the end of January 2017. Watch this space!


China Residencies logo.jpg

Governing Board Member for the non-profit organisation China Residencies (since June 2016), assisting with funding and development, and the dissemination of their on-going archive through academic research and public engagement projects. China Residencies have created a comprehensive directory, including an online platform, for visiting artists and hosting organisations of residency programmes in China and Hong Kong, whilst fostering successful creative exchanges by strengthening networks, modes of research, organisational best practices, archival systems, and mapping exchanges. They currently work with over 30 residency programmes.



Lecturer in Art Curatorship (since November 2016) in the School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Coordinator for core and elective subjects including ‘Exhibitions Management’ and ‘Curating Contemporary Art’ whilst supervising minor theses. Currently, undertaking training to supervise Research Higher Degrees from Semester 2 in 2017.



PhD Researcher at the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA), Birmingham City University (BCU), examining the local to global translation, through interpretation, of contemporary Chinese art since 1980, specifically the notion of “transcultural” curators and “transcultural” curatorial practice. Completion is imminent (March 2017)!

Rachel Marsden at Art16 May 2016. Photo by Nick Manasseh

Photo by Nick Manasseh (May 2016)

 As a sideline to all her academic and professional endeavours, she is interested in the realm of self-publishing, is a practicing text and book artist, using East Asian culture as inspiration, to create interactive, participatory installations and projects, and books using bookbinding, paper-making and paper-engineering techniques, as well as facilitating workshops related to these disciplines to galleries, museums and educational institutions, regionally to internationally. Find out more on the ‘Links’ page.

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